• China co2 laser engraving cutting machine
China co2 laser engraving cutting machine


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  Model NO                

  MX-1325 Laser cutting machine                

  Working area                


  Laser power                


  Laser type                

  CO2 sealed laser tube,water-cooled                

  Engraving speed                


  Cutting speed                


  Power supply                

  220V±10% /50HZ , 110V±10%//60HZ                

  Graphic format supported                

  BMP, PLT, DST, DXF, AI,CDR                

  Software supported                

  CorelDraw, PhotoShop, AutoCAD                

  Laser Output Control                

  1-100% software setting                

  Highest Scanning Precision                


  Resolution ratio                


  Location precision                


  Working temperature                


  Operating humidity                

  5%-95%(without condensed water)                

  Recommand comsumble spare part                

  Laser tube, mirror and lenses                

  Net weight /Gross weight                


  Package dimension                


System fiber laser cutting machine applying new advanced fiber laser, the The latest generation of lasers, representing the trend of laser development. Widely used in the processing of various plates and even non-ferrous metals. When using CNC cutting machine, the cutting accuracy is not only related to the cutting method, but also to the stability of the machine. And stability is not only because of the shape of the machine, there are many reasons.


First, the materials and manufacturing process used in the machine tool is not up to par

Second, the hardware structure design is not reasonable

Third, the poor quality of electrical components or unreasonable design


We can solve the above occurring problems very well

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