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Acrylic laser cutting machine

Acrylic laser cutting machine generally has a limit on the thickness of the material,  laser tube power is generally below 300 watts processing material thickness of 30mm or less. Can be broadly speaking, that is, the laser tube power to determine the thinness of the processed material. Sometimes, customers need to add paper or add film cutting, when the wind can not be too small, otherwise it will catch fire. Cutting acrylic speed and light intensity must match well, the slower the speed, the smoother is not the better. 15mm acrylic above the best high-powered laser. Acrylic carving with a leaky jet cup, try not to carve too deep, carve too deep is difficult to reach the bottom flatness, the more gas will affect the carving edge effect, to carve more fine and clear, can not be too deep and blowing small gas.