The features and advantages of welding laser machine

The features and advantages of welding laser machine

When choosing their own machine, first of all to understand the characteristics and advantages of welding laser machine.Let's take a look at its features and advantages:

1. High coordination ability

Laser welding theory is the current welding method, and the traditional welding technology contrast, welding speed is faster, high effect, deep depth, residual stress and deformation is small, suitable for such as porcelain, organic glass plate and other non-metallic materials such as welding, welding of special-shaped materials, the effect is better, and has a certain coordination ability. For the parts that are difficult to access, soft transfer non-contact welding is implemented. The laser can realize the time and energy of the spectrometer, can be multi-light production at the same time, bringing the standard for more accurate welding.

2. It can weld material that cannot be welded

Laser welding is the use of very high specific energy laser beam welding materials, laser welding machine has the advantages of faster welding speed, high strength, narrow welding, small heat affected zone, high coordination ability. 


3. high safety factor

Laser welding equipment should be carried out in the closed safety cover, and equipped with automatic dust extraction equipment, under the premise of ensuring the safety and health of workers, but also to maintain a clean and tidy office environment in the workshop. Laser welding machining theory is a comprehensive

technology which integrates laser equipment, welding technology, automatic control, material technology, mechanical manufacturing basis and product appearance design. Laser welding machining accuracy is high, manufacturing speed is faster, surface smoothness is good, appearance design is unique.

4. Less labor cost

Because the hot key is very low when the laser welding is carried out, the stress after welding is not big, but also can achieve the surface is very beautiful welding actual effect, so the follow-up treatment of laser welding is very little, can greatly reduce or eliminate the manpower in the huge polishing and smoothing process.