Co2 laser engraving machine uses

Co2 Laser engraving machine scanning speed is extremely fast, processing plane beautiful, suitable for bamboo, crystal and other objects to do plane scanning, can do character, character, image two-dimensional processing, used for acrylic material cutting, smooth edge, can save the light after processing, can also be done in crystal carving, purple clay pot engraving, cylinder three-dimensional scanning.

1. Trademark: Make all kinds of staff name tags, all kinds of door tags, signs

2. Model making: making sand table models, house models, etc

3. Footwear: shoe sole trademark pattern processing

4. Jewelry decoration industry: jewelry fine carving, decorative products carving

5. Wood: Used for embossed design and production.

6. Advertising and gift manufacturing operations: used to carve all kinds of two-color plate signs, organic glass, Fante stone door, three-dimensional billboards, decorative gifts, light box piece two-color statues, relief MEDALS, embedded light house, light guide carved light house, organic plate relief three-dimensional door, etc

7. Automobile industry: Processing of tire mold, lamp mold and decorative mold

8. Tobacco industry: Used to make anti-counterfeiting marks, templates and cigarette wheels for packaging cigarette boxes

9. Mold industry: engraving button relief mold, injection mold, blow molding mold, stamping mold, glasses mold, etc.

10. Seal industry: seal carving of various fonts and materials.


Laser engraving machine is mainly composed of which several parts?

The most basic laser engraving mechanism consists of:

1. Computer control system (computer + control board + carving software)

2. Laser + optical component (reflex lens component) + beam expanding mirror

3. Motion components (motor + synchronous belt + guide rail)

4. Base (base) + honeycomb panel + smoke exhaust device and other structural parts.