What can you create using a laser engraver?

Mingxing laser engraving machines (such as those in mini3050,4060, MX1390, MX1610 series) offer a variety of possibilities. CO2 laser engraver is more practical than mechanical engraver, making it quick and easy to customize wooden objects, carve glass or ceramic cups, etch on stone or plastic, mark on coated metal, print on fabric and leather, and more!

The practical design of Mingxing Laser machine, the engraving precision of the machine, the repeatability, the fast engraving and cutting function, these provide anyone (from beginners to experienced entrepreneurs) with the ability to complete ideas and products in a few minutes. The CO2 Laser engraver is as easy to use as an office printer, allowing you to create designs using any graphic design software and "print" directly on any product using the laser device.

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Laser engraving and customization

Create unique products

MXing Laser equipment is able to carve high-resolution designs at maximum speed, thanks to the precision of the revolutionary motion control system in our laser equipment. Laser cut and carve anything you can imagine!

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Laser cut your design

Quickly cut different shapes, patterns or parts

Laser cutters are capable of cutting very complex and intricate designs on things like paper, acrylic, wood or medium density fiberboard. You can cut custom greeting cards, 3D models and prototype parts, rubber stamps, wooden inlays (inlays), and more. With laser machines, the only limit is your imagination.

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Laser control panel

Control various parameters on the laser

It can be operated with a button or wifi remote, allowing you to choose between jobs, autofocus the laser, re-run the job at the touch of a button, save the job to the machine, and more.

Personalized product

Add value through customized services

Take any product and personalize it with laser engraving marking, photos or any custom design. Using such a wide range of laser-able materials (such as wood, glass, leather, acrylic, or cardboard), you can customize almost any item, including promotional gifts, identification tags, trophies.

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Dual laser source option is available

Extended functionality through CO2 and metal cutting lasers

Enable your CO2 laser machine to carve and label all types of bare metals by adding metal lasers to your laser equipment. Dual source laser machines will enable you to increase the diversity of your products, thereby increasing the functionality and services your business offers. The ability to carve and/or cut a variety of materials will give your customers the service they want and a competitive advantage over the competition.

Camera positioning system

Printed good products, want to cut down according to its outline, you can use the function of Mingxing laser ccd cutting machine, identification and positioning, do contour cutting.

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Advantages of MingXing laser engraving machine

Use a variety of materials

Whether you use wood, marble, glass, leather, fabric, paper, metal or other materials, we have the right laser system for you!

Designed for ease of use

The laser connects to your computer just like a printer via USB or Ethernet. Start laser sculpting with the vector-based design software of your choice!

Laser machines of different specifications are available according to requirements

Safe to use in any workshop, home, school or office. Whether you are industrial manufacturing, small business, school or hobbyist, we have laser equipment to meet your needs. Using the engraving and cutting capabilities of laser machines, our laser equipment aims to achieve all this.