Acrylic laser cutting machine advantages

What is acrylic, acrylic with co2 laser machine cutting advantages, we talk about.

Acrylic is an important plastic polymer material developed earlier, with good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, easy dyeing, easy processing, beautiful appearance, has a wide range of applications in the construction industry.

Acrylic plate is a kind of organic glass, the chemical name is polymethyl methacrylate, this material is also called sub-afterburner. That plexiglass may have some friends will misunderstand it is a kind of glass, in fact, it is a kind of plastic, acrylic plate belongs to thermoplastic, has very good plasticity, exquisite appearance. Acrylic plate can be divided into pouring plate, extrusion plate and molded plastic. For the current technology, there are four main processing methods, the first one: casting molding. The second: injection molding. The third: extrusion molding. The fourth: thermoforming arc.

Acrylic sheet specifications are divided into ordinary plate and special plate. Common board: transparent board, dyed transparent board, milky white board, color board; Special board: sanitary board, cloud board, mirror board, cloth plate, hollow board, anti-impact board, flame retardant board, super wear-resistant board, surface pattern board, frosted board, pearlescent board, metal effect board, etc. Different performance, different colors and visual effects to meet the ever-changing requirements.

Acrylic plate according to the production process is divided into casting plate and extrusion plate, according to the transmittance can be divided into transparent plate, translucent plate (including dyeing plate transparent plate), color plate (including black and white and color plate);

Currently on the market, it is common to cut acrylic with co2 laser machine. What are the advantages of cutting acrylic with co2 laser machine?

1, simple processing: in many industries, after the completion of laser cutting, you can become a finished product, different from other cutting, but also need to carry out potential light processing, it is the heat of the laser beam to cut, so the edge of the cutting is smooth.

2, can cut a variety of complex graphics: laser machine it is a kind of CNC cutting equipment, used in the XY two axis transmission, whether it is cutting curve or cutting circular worth mentioning, straight line goes without saying, but also better cutting some, so, it is more convenient to cut, can cut a variety of complex graphics.

3. The effect of cutting products is exquisite: The laser beam is only 0.3mm, that is, when cutting, its cutting seam is only such a width, and when we are processing, there are some graphics are very fine, if the cutting seam is rough, the cutting effect is not so good, rough, but the cutting gap of 0.3mm, the cutting effect is still better.

4, the cutting size deviation is not large: in general theory, the laser cutting size error is generally only 0.3mm, there will not be a large cutting error.

5, easy to operate: laser is cut with light beam, in the process of cutting is no resistance, so in the cutting processing, it does not need fixture, so for the product will not cause damage.

6, save time and cost: acrylic laser cutting machine is a kind of cutting equipment with the open, do not need to preheat or some other operating processes, equipment can be cut, can save the cost of issuing the mold, can save time and cost.


Acrylic laser cutting machine generally has restrictions on the thickness of the material, laser tube power is generally below 300 watts processing material thickness below 30mm. Broadly speaking, the laser tube power determines the thickness of the processing material.