How to transport and pack the 2000x3000mm cutting bed laser machine?

Usually, when customers determine to purchase a 2000x3000mm large-area cutting machine co2 laser cutting machine, they will be troubled by transportation problems, because the machine width of 2030 is 2.73 meters, but the width of the container is 2.33 meters. How the machine arrives safely is an important issue. Don't worry, Mingxing Laser will solve this problem for you.

First of all, because the machine is too wide, we cannot transport it by normal sea transportation. Instead, we need to erect the machine. After the machine is completely erected, the height is also super high, so the motors and reducers on both sides of the machine need to be removed. As shown below

cutting bed laser machine-1.jpg

We will mark it on the machine, so you dont have to worry about not matching it.

Secondly, after the preparation work is completed, the machine is wiped clean and the markings are done. The next step is to erect the machine. This step is very important and requires everyone's help. If you are not careful, the machine will fall down.

cutting bed laser machine-2.jpg

Forklift is required

Then, in order to prevent the machine from being bumpy during shipping in the wooden box, iron frames need to be supported on both sides of the machine. This is the key to the safe arrival of the machine.

cutting bed laser machine-3.jpg

Weld iron frames on both sides of the machine

Finally, pack the machine, prepare the accessories, and put it in a wooden box.

cutting bed laser machine-4.jpg

Customers just need to wait patiently for the arrival of the machine.