How does the laser pay attention to safety?

一、CO2 Laser Machine

CO2 laser cutting machine is a CNC laser for cutting and engraving materials using CO2 laser technology for cutting and engraving. Since CO2 laser cutting machines can also engrave, CO2 laser cutting machines are also known as CO2 laser engraving machines or CO2 laser engraving machines. In addition, some are also referred to as wood laser cutters or acrylic laser cutters.

CO2 laser cutting machine belongs to the field of non-metal laser cutting, mainly through the CO2 laser tube emits high-frequency laser through the full-return lens reflected to the laser cutting head through the focusing mirror and the object itself is cut, cutting at the same time there is a gas assisted with the laser through the tiny cutting nozzle together with out.

二、About the safety of laser machines

These machines can be used to cut, etch, engrave or drill a variety of materials. They are often affordable and easy to use, leading to a significant increase in the use of laser cutters in schools, hobbyists, small businesses, maker sites and universities. Laser cutters are usually fully enclosed systems, and they prevent laser operation unless the safety interlock door is fully closed. They typically contain CO2 lasers, which produce invisible laser radiation in the infrared spectrum at 10,600 nm.

1、In-use laser safety

Laser wavelength of 10.64um laser marking machine in the work is harmful to human skin, so the operator in the use of the process a little attention to safety.

During the commissioning process, the laser is fixed again by adjusting the laser support point or rotating the laser orientation to achieve the best output.Do not touch the laser head while the machine is not working.

2、Water-cooling settings

When using, please first connect the cooling water, using the principle of low in high, adjust the position of the outlet pipe, to ensure that the cooling water is full of cooling tube, the tube can not have vapor bubbles, and then turn on the power. Requirements: cooling water using soft water (distilled water or pure water), and should always pay attention to the cooling water temperature, the water temperature should be controlled at 25 ~ 30 ℃, not too high or too low, especially in summer, once the water temperature is found to be too high, should promptly replace the cooling water or shut down for a period of time: cold areas cooling water shall not freeze, especially after the laser shutdown, do not let the cooling water storage in the laser tube, in order to avoid cooling water icing leads to blow up. (Special attention: the use of AC power users, cooling water tank must be grounded);

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3、Cutting process

High-intensity laser beams can generate extremely high temperatures and generate a lot of heat, as the substrate burns off when cutting.

Some materials can catch fire during the cutting process, which can create smoke and fumes inside the machine.

Dirt and debris can cause fires, degraded cut quality or mechanical component failure. It is important for the user to keep the laser operating during operation to ensure that no glare is created - the flame is properly raised/extinguished.

So before the official work to debug the power and parameters, to prevent the destruction of the material due to too much power to produce flame.

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