The global leader in small power co2 lasers How to choose a precision co2 laser machine?

CO2 laser cutting machines are one of the most convenient cutting tools available, but you need to understand several aspects to find out the best choice for your requirements. So what are the key factors you need to consider before choosing the right CO2 laser cutting machine?

1、What material do you want to cut or engrave?

In order to choose the most suitable CO2 laser cutting machine, you should first determine what materials you intend to engrave and cut.  CO2 laser engraving cutting machine can engrave and cut a wide range of non-metal materials, including wood, acrylic, MDF, fabric, leather, paper and more. If you have already decided what material you want to work with, then choose a CO2 laser engraver that specialises in that material.

2、What are the maximum size and maximum thickness of the material you need to cut

  The maximum size of the material determines the table size of the laser cutting machine. MXING laser machines that can customize the table for you according to your needs. In addition, when you need to engrave material thicker than 23MM, you need to add a lift table to the laser cutting machine. If you need to use the rotary axis for engraving or cutting cylindrical materials, a lifting table is also a must.

3、Consider the quality and cost of laser laser cutting machine

   Not all laser cutting machines are of the same quality. Different brands and configuration choices can result in a wide variation in the quality of the cutting machine. Therefore, a cheap engraving machine is not always the best fit for you; only a machine that is reasonably priced and suitable for your application is the best choice for you.

4、Reliable laser machine manufacturer and professional after-sales team

   When you decide to buy a laser cutting machine, it is better to choose the factory rather than a trading company. The factory has a team of professional engineers to help you after you purchase the machine, it can provide you with professional guidance and advice. MXING has a professional after-sales team that can provide you with operational training and technical support. If it is convenient for you, you can also visit our factory.

5、Make the right market position.

   This step must be considered before purchasing any CO2 laser engraving machine. Foresight, accurate market positioning and judgment of laser engraving products will help you a lot in conducting your business. To do this, you can research which laser engraving crafts are the most popular and best-selling on the market today. In addition, you can also understand which products have prospects in the future market. Based on this, you can establish a clear business concept and choose the right CO2 laser engraving machine.

As for the price of a CO2 laser engraver, try to compare the prices and configurations of machines offered to you by different manufacturers. Price is never the main factor, but whether the machine's performance and efficiency meet your needs is a prerequisite for purchase. The right machine is worth the investment of your money.
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