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co2 laser engraving machine

M-Xing CO2 laser cutting machines uses the energy of the focused beam of the laser tube for processing. Due to its monochrome and coherence, the focus zone is very small, and therefore:

  1. In its vicinity there is almost instantaneous “evaporation” of many materials;

  2. The size of such a vicinity is calculated in units and tens of micrometers.

Therefore, it can be positioned very accurately in space – thus achieving an unprecedented acceptable error of the cutting tool of 0.01-0.03 mm.

How to choose CO2 laser engraving machine

When making a choice to buy co2 laser machine, you need to realize that the effectiveness of considerable investments will depend on its correctness. Therefore, the purchased equipment for laser engraving should bring the expected profit during operation.

One of the factors of its growth is a reduction in financial expenses due to forced outages. This can be achieved by abandoning cheap low-quality cutting machines, for which it is often extremely difficult to find components.

Therefore, it is better to choose M-Xing premium equipment, introduced on the market for more than 10 years. The manufacturer’s service departments work quickly, but they are rarely called upon, because the co2 machines use proven and reliable technologies.

It is important to pay attention to the functionality and configuration of the cutting machines for co2 laser engraving:

  1. Voltage regulator (supports the required range of supply voltage);

  2. Swivel and lifting/lowering table (adjustable for layouts of different thickness and shape);

  3. Chiller (cools the laser tube).

Support and Maintenance for CO2 Laser Machine

Service center specialists interact directly with customers around the world. Therefore, buying the co2 laser machine, the client also receives:

  1. If necessary, training in the proper laser engraving and cutting on the machine;

  2. Convenient service that significantly reduces the risks to the production chain.

Size and power of CO2 Laser Machine

M-Xing CO2 laser cutting machines are available in the following modifications:

  1. Compact (working area 200х300, 500х300, 600х400 mm);

  2. The most popular medium format (working area 900х600, 1200х900, 1600х1000 mm);

  3. Large format (working area 1600х1200, 1800х3000, 2000х3000 мм).

  4. The power of the laser tubes used is within 40-150 W and directly affects the speed and accuracy of laser engraving and cutting.