What is the difference between fiber laser cutting and CO2 laser cutting?

In the current metal processing industry, laser cutting has become a trend, laser cutting is refined according to its different ways of working. In recent years, CO2 laser cutting has been gradually replaced by fiber laser cutting in the metal processing industry, and has become one of the most important cutting means in the metal processing industry. So what are the differences and advantages between fiber laser cutting and CO2 laser cutting?


1. Different luminescent media

CO2 laser cutting machine, gas is the medium to produce laser beam, through the mirror transmission of light beam. Fiber lasers are transmitted through diodes and fiber optic cables, where multiple diodes are pumped to produce a laser beam, which is then transmitted through the fiber optic cable to the laser cutting head, rather than transmitting the beam through a mirror.

2. The appearance of the fiber laser cutting machine is more compact

Because of the different laser transmission structure, the same power of fiber laser cutting machine than CO2 laser cutting machine is more compact, thus saving the space of the workshop, more suitable for the old warehouse application.

3. The electro-optical conversion efficiency of fiber laser cutting machine is higher

Fiber laser cutting machine using a complete solid state digital module and a single fiber laser design, electro-optical conversion efficiency is higher than carbon dioxide laser cutting, CO2 laser cutting machine the actual total utilization of each power source is about 8%~10%, the total utilization of fiber laser cutting machine is about 25%~30%, The total energy consumption of the fiber laser cutting system is 3~5 times lower than that of the carbon dioxide cutting system, and increases by more than 86%.

4 fiber laser cutting machine processing effect is better

The fiber laser has the characteristics of short wavelength, which improves the absorption of the cutting material to the beam and makes it possible to cut the non-conductive material such as brass. When the cutting material thickness reaches 6mm, the cutting speed of a 1500W fiber laser cutting machine is equivalent to that of a 3000W carbon dioxide laser cutting machine.