Co2 laser engraving cutting machine for wood It's a highly effective tool

co2 laser engraving machine is the use of co2 laser technology engraving machine, this kind of laser equipment is a general-purpose models, after the focusing mode, small size, high degree of integration.

co2 laser engraving machine is suitable for the vast majority of non-metallic materials marking, such as paper packaging, plastic products, labels, leather, fabric, glass ceramics, resin and plastic, bamboo and wood products, PCB boards. There are also different engraving machine products under different uses, each with some differences.

Classification of laser engraving cutting machine

Laser engraving machine can improve the efficiency of engraving, so that the surface of the engraved place is smooth, rounded, quickly reduce the temperature of the engraved non-metallic materials, reduce the deformation of the engraved object and internal stress; according to the laser light source can be divided into CO2 non-metallic laser engraving machine and fibre-optic metal engraving machine. co2 non-metallic laser engraving machine is generally used in the domestic glass laser tube is more, but also part of the high-end laser engraving machine Using co2 metal radio frequency tube.

Advantages of co2 laser engraving cutting machine

A wide range: carbon dioxide laser can engrave and cut almost any non-metallic material. And the price is low!

Safe and reliable: non-contact processing, will not cause mechanical compression or mechanical stress on the material. No "knife marks", does not harm the surface of the processed parts; will not make the material deformation;

Precise and meticulous: processing accuracy can reach 0.02mm;

Saving environmental protection: beam and spot diameter is small, generally less than 0.5mm; cutting and processing to save materials, safety and health;

The effect is consistent: to ensure that the same batch of processing effect is completely consistent.

High-speed and fast: can be immediately based on the computer output drawings for high-speed engraving and cutting.

Low cost: not subject to the limitations of the number of processing, for small batch processing services, laser processing is cheaper.

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Characteristic of co2 laser engraving cutting machine for wood

Subtly differentiated from other engraving machines, a co2 laser engraving cutting machine for wood must fulfil all of the following functions:

I. Carving function

Woodworking engraving machine is mainly used for engraving and processing of wood, plastic, glass and other materials. Its carving effect is fine and realistic, and it can carve various patterns, such as flowers, plants, people, animals and so on. The high precision of the engraving machine makes the resulting pattern details clear and beautiful.

2.Cutting function

The woodworking engraving machine can also be used for straight and curved cutting of wood, plastic and other materials. Due to the high precision of cutting, it does not produce much waste, so it can effectively save materials. This function is widely used in the field of furniture manufacturing.

3.Punching function

The woodworking engraving machine can also be used for drilling. The use of drills can be used to process holes in wood, aluminium and other materials, and when making furniture, cabinets can be made into personalized dressing mirrors, reading desks can be plugged in by punching holes to make the lines neater, and washstands can be added to the design of taps and so on.

4.Grinding function

Woodworking engraving machine can also be grinding function, the use of grinding wheels can be the surface of the wood for grinding, so that its surface smooth, more beautiful sense. At the same time, grinding can also produce customised surface texture and texture, enhancing the visual effect of furniture.


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