Acrylic Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

Acrylic laser engraving machine, is generally a variety of acrylic depth of different engraving laser equipment. CO2 laser is generally used in this kind of laser equipment, and MX1390, which is relatively cost-effective, is generally recommended.

Acrylic is easy to cut and carve, comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and there are two production processes for acrylics: Casting and calendering, laser engraving is mainly used to produce plexiglass casting, because it produces a frosting effect after laser engraving is very white, and the original transparent texture has a sharp contrast, calendering production of plexiglass after laser engraving is still transparent, there is not a sufficient contrast effect.

Under normal circumstances, plexiglass is carved on the back, that is to say, carved from the front and viewed from the back, which makes the finished product more three-dimensional. When carving on the back, please mirror the figure first, and the carving speed should be fast, the power should be low. If the power is too high when carving, it will make the bottom surface appear uneven stripes. If you want to carve deeper, you can try to carve more than a few times. In the case of back carving, the local coloring should be carved deeper at the coloring place first, and then the use of flame polishing machine polishing, can be filled with color. If not polished, the color seen from the front will not be uniform.


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In addition, acrylic laser engraving machine generally uses electric lifting platform, suitable for various kinds of engraving and processing of objects of different thickness, convenient and quick, one step in place, greatly improve the work efficiency and processing quality. Optional auto focus system for accurate auto focus. Optional rotary engraving device, a variety of cylindrical, circular objects for precise engraving.

Compared with the traditional knife die, the acrylic laser engraving machine has the characteristics of fast speed, high accuracy and diversified engraving patterns. 


Laser cutting machine engraving and engraving acrylic common sense. First of all, we understand that there are many kinds of organic glass materials, imported and domestic is very different, imported organic glass cut out very smooth, some domestic impurities are too much, will bubble. Acrylic laser cutting generally uses a low-speed machine, because the laser tube power is not very large, and the thin material precision requirements are relatively high. The general speed is not more than 3 meters/min. At the same time, the linear guide produces fine grain, and the smoothness is good.

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At present, we have five kinds of focusing mirrors, divided by focusing lens focal length (50mm63.5mm76.2mm101.6mm), plus double focusing mirrors. According to the thickness of the material: thick material cutting (10-20mm) more than 10mm plexiglass generally use 76.2mm focusing mirror, 25mm above the plexiglass using 101.6mm focusing mirror, the deepest can cut 32mm plexiglass.

How to set the laser machine cutting engraving acrylic speed and power?

10mm plexiglass cutting: cutting speed is generally 0.08-0.12m/min, light intensity 60-70%. At the most stable time at 60% of the light intensity, the leak jet cup adjusts the gas flow size, making the edges smoother. Because the greater the wind, the molten object will be blown back to the plexiglass by the auxiliary high-pressure gas to form an unsmooth surface. Try to keep the wind down.

Sometimes, customers need to add paper or add film cutting, at this time the wind can not be too small, otherwise it will catch fire. When cutting plexiglass, the speed and light intensity must match well. The slower the speed, the better the smoothness is not. 

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More than 5mm plexiglass best use imported high-power laser. The larger the gas will affect the edge effect of carving. It should be carved more fine and clear, and it can't be too deep and blow too small. What we need to pay attention to is the resolution setting. At this time, the speed is 8-18 m/min, and the light intensity is 20%-30%. When cleaning, the blowing is turned off to make the bottom smoother.

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For the cutting of thin materials (2-10mm), a 50.8mm focusing mirror is used for the plexiglass less than 5 mm. The cutting speed is generally 0.35-0.8m/min and the light intensity is 45-65%. The cutting speed is 0.15-0.3m/min and the light intensity is 50-75% for the 5-10mm plexiglass. Large area engraving machine, engraving if there is more serious resonance (vibration), will also cause the accuracy of the engraving machine is greatly reduced, so the size of the cutting plexiglass model should not exceed 1 meter as far as possible, there are some white powder generated in the process of plexiglass engraving figure image, so as to feel more clear, if the engraving is finished to erase with water, it is more fuzzy. To see the specific effect and what processing.