How to correctly choose high cost performance laser engraving machine?

Laser engraving function to improve the efficiency of engraving, so that the surface of the engraving is smooth, rounded, rapidly reduce the temperature of the non-metallic materials, reduce the deformation and internal stress of the engraving; According to the different laser source can be divided into CO2 non-metallic laser engraving machine and fiber metal cutting machine.

Laser engraving machine is used more and more widely in the treatment of non-metallic materials, and the laser engraving machine on the market is a variety of brands, a variety of so-called technology upgrades also emerge in endlessly. So when we choose laser engraving machine, how to do in the end to find the most suitable for their own cost-effective models?

Let's simply understand the next laser engraving machine to buy a few skills.

First of all, we must determine our own needs, to buy the main machine to do what, is home DIY, or processing, or do arts and crafts, so for the application industry to choose the corresponding laser engraving machine, so that first there will be a general price range.

1. Choose a machine with a high degree of professionalism and more ability

Although most of the laser engraving function of cutting materials more than one, but we still suggest that we can let the field of professional laser machine, because in the processing application of different industries, the corresponding professional customized model of laser engraving machine is generally for laser engraving or cutting optimization design, achieve the effect of far more than the general equipment.

2. Determine the material to carve from

Co2 laser machine mainly engraving cutting non-metallic materials, if the metal across a layer of paint can also be carved, engraving cutting non-metallic laser engraving machine, metal processing choose metal laser engraving machine, because the price difference between the two is very large, the current market processing materials are relatively easy to buy, We can try to make samples to confirm that the material we want to make can actually achieve the effect.

3 to determine the processing format, that is, the size of the table

According to the application industry is not the same, laser engraving machine processing format is not the same, the general laser engraving machine models are 3050, 6040, 9060, 1390, 1610, 1612, 1812, 1325 and so on. In addition, we need to choose the model of the machine according to the place we use. If we do DIY at home or school, we will choose the small 3050 and 4060 models, because these two models are small and do not take up space, just like a big toy. If we want to engage in processing, we will choose the economical machines of 1390 and 1325. These two machines can pass materials before and after, which are common specifications.

At present, the laser machine on the market, many brands, how to choose the suitable machine, it is necessary to have a general understanding of the configuration of the laser machine, we will analyze and compare from the following aspects


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1, laser tube: this is the core component of laser engraving machine, due to the high price of imported laser tube, generally in the tens of thousands of yuan, most domestic laser engraving machine using domestic laser tube. Different laser tube processing effect is not the same, the life is not the same. And different specifications of laser machine matching laser tube power is different; Like the 3050 small machine, the general configuration of 40w, 50w small power laser tube, because this machine mainly focuses on engraving, small power laser tube spot is relatively fine, engraving line grain is relatively fine; The 1390 machine is generally configured with power ranging from 100w, 130w and 150w. Why this machine is called an economical model is that it can carve and cut, and the space it occupies is not particularly large. Like the 1325 machine, high-power pipes are generally selected, because this machine is mainly used for cutting, acrylic, wood and other commonly used materials.

2. Motor: This engine is connected to the laser plotter. Some manufacturers choose imported motor, some choose domestic motor,

3. Assembly quality: Some manufacturers use very thin iron sheets to reduce costs, thus creating a shell that is usually invisible to the user. But over time, the frame deforms, affecting the accuracy of the laser engraving machine.

4, laser lens: it is connected with the power supply of laser engraving machine. It can be divided into imported lenses and domestic lenses. Domestic lenses are divided into two kinds, one is imported, the other is domestic. The price is high.

5, control system: At present, the control system of laser machine on the market mainly includes Ruida, Taizhi, Kancheng, according to the use of different models can be configured.

6, different types of machines, the internal transmission structure of the machine is different, small machines are generally linear square rail and belt structure, 1325 of this machine, currently we use more advanced rack and linear square rail transmission structure, and 1610 of this type, some customers do soft materials, we will use the internal and external sliding transmission structure, According to different models of different uses to ensure the precision and effect of cutting engraving.

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