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lase marking maching


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Performance characteristics :

1. XY axis precision rack and pinion double drive structure, equipped with precision reducer.

2. Steel frame welding bed, annealing stress relief treatment, CNC gantry milling machine finish milling, high rigidity and high stability.

3. Unique transmission components, high-speed, stable and low vibration, ensure the reliability of the laser system.

4. The reliable electrical supporting and wiring scheme and the electrical design in line with CE standard ensure the safety and stability of large format equipment and reduce the interference of large-scale gantry structure. The industrial drag chain cable is adopted for the cable in the drag chain, which greatly improves the reliability and reduces the failure rate.

5. High power laser tube, fully water-cooled mirror frame, water-cooled laser head.

6. The laser tube can be carried to 300w-450w according to the needs of customers to better meet the requirements of thick plate cutting.

7. Optional CCD positioning cutting

Applicable industry :

It is mainly used for advertising production, identification signs, model production and decoration. Craft gifts, electronic appliances, bamboo and wood products and other industries are used for high-speed and high-precision cutting of non-metallic materials such as acrylic, wood, density board, plastic board, leather cloth, wool textile chemical fiber, paper products, packaging and printing.

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