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  • co2 laser marking machine
co2 laser marking machine
M-Xing is top co2 laser marking machine factory. Supply 20W/30W/50W CO2 Laser Marking Machine.High quality and wholesale price for you!


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What is CO2 laser Marking

CO2 lasers are gas lasers. They electronically stimulate a carbon dioxide gas mixture to leave a permanent mark on the surface. This technique enables the engraving of elaborate designs, logos, dates, or text onto the surface of the product.

How much does a CO2 laser Marking cost?

The cost of a laser marking machine can range from $1,500 to $12,000, depending on the size, quality, power and other factors of the machine.

co2 laser marking machine param:

Laser   power

20w /30w/50w

Marking   range


Marking   speed

≤   5000mm / s

Power   supply requirements


Case   size


Table   surface


Lifting   stroke


Cooling   mode

circulating   air cooling

Positioning   mode

red   light positioning

M-Xing is top co2 laser marking machine factory. High quality and wholesale price for you!

Can I engrave metal with CO2 laser

A CO2 laser cutter can engrave wood, plastic, and metals, including stainless steel. However, a CO2 laser cannot engrave the metal directly as the laser beam reflects from the surface. In order to engrave stainless steel, the material must first be pre-treated with a marking solution such as CerMark or LaserBond.

What can a CO2 laser cut?

  • 20W~30 W can cut 3-4 mm with 1-3 passes before charring begins.

  • ~40 W cuts 5-6 mm with 1-3 passes.

  • 50-60 W will easily cut 10 mm with 1-3 passes and can cut denser woods.

  • 75-120 W cuts 13 mm with 1-3 passes but starts to leave a noticeable kerf angle.

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