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China 130W co2 Laser cutting machine supplier


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High processing accuracy:

Equipped with high torque servo motor and high precision imported reducer, high efficiency and good dynamic characteristics;

Good dynamics and cutting ability:

High rigidity welding body adopts aviation aluminum die-casting gantry, which improves the strength and weight of the gantry and has good stability and durability;

Easy operation, intelligent:

Adopt the developed professional digital control system to realize the Hans digital control system with good performance, high reliability and easy operation.

Low operating cost:

Precise control ensures low auxiliary gas consumption to ensure low running cost, and three auxiliary gases can be freely chosen by customers.



Laser power

100w 130w 150w 180w 220w 300w

Working area


Laser type

CO2 sealed-off layers of glass   tube

Control and Drive

Stepper motor and high   subdivision driver


AC220V 50HZ

Positioning Accuracy


Machine size(mm)


Total power


Net weight


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