• Auto Feeding Co2 Acrylic Photo Frame Laser Cutting Machine
Auto Feeding Co2 Acrylic Photo Frame Laser Cutting Machine


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In addition to DSP & laser power, self-developed laser power supply, and integrated frame structure, this series of models has been designed to meet your requirements. There is no instability or reliability in the system's performance. In addition to AutoCAD, CoreIDRAW, and CAD, it also has other graphical software and can output pictures directly.

With dual laser heads, the MT-D/F series provides simultaneous operation of two laser tubes, three laser tubes, or even four laser tubes. The system is suitable for industries that produce large batches of product,such as patch embroidery. The advantages of the system are that it can double the processing efficiency and ensure the high quality of cutting.So it can combine saving cost with boosting production optimally. The system can be widely applied to garment, leather, cloth toy, computerized embroidery and clipping, cutting of template, art gift, advertisement decoration, building upholster, package, printing ,paper product and other industries.


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